Sonja London – Business Intelligence innovator, entrepreneur, architect & consultant

Sonja is a Business Intelligence innovator, entrepreneur, architect & consultant.  Her clients have included Apple, AT&T, Sprint, Levi-Strauss and many startups.  She founded Summit Software, a BI consulting firm.  During a three year break from consulting she ran global Business Intelligence & served as primary BI architect for Covad.  She has a passion for solar energy and other things green, with a special interest in passive solar architecture & building.

Sonja is

  • Founder Zosime Websites and Analytics for Small Business
  • Chair, SVForum Tech Women’s Program
  • Founder Summit Software, Inc
  • Chair, SVForum Business Intelligence SIG
  • Web Director, South Hayward Parish Food Pantry
Sonja London
Sonja London

San Francisco Bay Area,


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