Francine Gordonfrancine-IMG_086prv Francine is a pioneer in the modern women’s movement. Her achievements demonstrate her strong commitment to supporting women’s success throughout her professional life. Upon completion of her Ph.D. from Yale, Francine became one of the first two women on the faculty at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. While there, she and her colleague, economist Myra Strober, organized the first conference for male executives on the importance of bringing women into the work environment.

Kimberly Wieflingkimberly-image001Kimberly Wiefling, Founder and President of Wiefling Consulting, and Executive Editor of the Scrappy About Series, is a globally recognized author and business leadership consultant specializing in helping people achieve what seems impossible, but is merely difficult. A physicist by education, she began her professional career working for a decade at HP in product development project management and engineering leadership. She spent 4 years in Silicon Valley startups, including a Xerox Parc spinoff where she was the VP of Program Management. In 2001 she launched her own consulting practice helping to start, run and grow life-affirming businesses. One of the keys to her success is a focus on a winning culture. Business culture transformation lies at the heart of all of her work. Kimberly is the co-chair of the SVForum Engineering Leadership Special Interest Group (EL SIG), she’s supporting micro-finance for entrepreneurs throughout the world via Kiva, and she supports the economic independence of women in various ways around the world because she believes that this is the most effective way raise the quality of life for all people. She is a force of nature, and determined to use that force to transform Planet Earth for the better.


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Sonja London – Business Intelligence innovator, entrepreneur, architect & consultantP1000780-1 Sonja is a Business Intelligence innovator, entrepreneur, architect & consultant.  Her clients have included Apple, AT&T, Sprint, Levi-Strauss and many startups.  She founded Summit Software, a BI consulting firm.  During a three year break from consulting she ran global Business Intelligence & served as primary BI architect for Covad.  She has a passion for solar energy and other things green, with a special interest in passive solar architecture & building. Sonja is
  • Chair, SVForum Business Intelligence SIG
  • Chair, SVForum Tech Women's Program
  • Founder Summit Software, Inc
  • Founder Zosime
  • Web Director, South Hayward Parish Food Pantry